"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they're gifts given to help you discover who you are."

Monday, January 2, 2012

Telling the story

So this is the world of blogging.  I never thought I'd walk through this gate....never had anything interesting or meaningful enough to share. I'm just a middle-aged mom walking through life one day at a time.  Somewhat of a workaholic, but other than that no major vices.  Trying to raise a teenager through the 'attitude years' and into productive adulthood.  Trying to keep my sanity in an always chaotic and sometimes insane work environment. Plodding along day after day like millions of other people...making a living, raising a family, trying to find some enjoyment in life along the way.

Starting this blog for one reason only.....to share my story and hopefully help others through a similar journey.  Hoping to keep it interesting enough to keep the attention of anyone who finds it and can relate to the diagnosis. Hoping to help someone else answer the question....."WHAT kind of cancer?" when you really don't want to repeat the answer.  Vaginal.  Yes, vaginal cancer.

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  1. Thank you for starting the post. Its a real encouragement. Keep up the spirit.Newton Kenyatta University School of medicine